With Women in Business Congress we want to make a difference in today´s business world, by fundamentally transforming the way Women Do Business, by continue creating a powerful and global stage where business women can conduct international business. Therefore, within our series of events we organize congresses, seminars and roundtables target at business women who are interested in internationalization of their business and/or services.

The ideal way to grow SME´s is to expand into foreign and new markets to explore new opportunities that leads to sales increase and market share acquisition. For that reason, our events functions as a business channel for women-owned SME´s with an international focus.

Our Goal

Our goal is to promote the importance of women in businesses, encourage success, pushing all known boundaries by developing and implementing new business ideas that reach across cultures and sectors. Our events are aimed at the modern business women with an international goal who wants to be inspired and grow her business on a global scale. Therefore, we promote the importance of connecting businesses.

Our Strategy

Our strategy has 8 ‘Pillars’ which provide focus to our efforts and two cross-functional considerations which apply to all aspects of our events. The experience of our team, combined with our strategic partnerships, allows us to introduce the best options for businesses. The solutions we introduce are designed to mitigate business and support revenue growth & create more opportunities through entrepreneurship.

Our Focus

Our focus is to bring a community of entrepreneurs upon one platform and create a unique experiences with business value. Our business focus is on providing Technology, Innovation and Business Solutions and formats that address today’s most demanding business challenges. These innovative solutions informs how to use latest technology to create business value, maximize real business opportunities and measure return on investment.

Our Value

Our core value is driven towards everyone we work with, the communities we touch, and the business environment on which we have an impact. We are motivated by our CSR that delivers sustainable values to our partners, customers and clients, applying our expertise to shape a better built environment for future generations and, ultimately, generate value for our communities by creating successful business.

We are pleased to present events to commemorate today’s women in business enabling them to be successful in the international business world.

For that reason, we seek to identify opportunities for our busines community and encourage innovation to succeed.



“We challenge the status quo by covering all relevant topics to enhance women businesses, and push boundaries to innovate change.

Our services and solutions are easy to implement with one purpose, to connect Business Women on a global scale to maximize their business potential”.

Our Team

Together we form an international team of outstanding, qualified and incredibly passionate Business Women with a purpose.

Together we form an international team of outstanding, qualified and incredibly passionate Business Women with a purpose.

And over the years, we have enriched our events by sharing our knowledge, expertise, personality, imagination and enthusiasm.

We’re deeply involved in the international meetings industry, as advocates, thought leaders, learners and educators. Staying tapped into global innovation and best practice means we can bring back the best ideas and new thinking to share with our clients.

This is how we have shaped our culture, build a global community and with more than two decades of experience, is what really gives us the ability to stand out!


We inspire a business community by connecting female entrepreneurs to real business opportunities, by working together, across boundaries, and by meeting the needs of our international attendees.


Women in Business Congress is a unique event that will lead all attendees -The Modern Business Women-  to localize critical data and successful collaborations required to achieve rock-solid goals, planned targets, unprecedented business growth on a global platform.


The mission of the Congress is to bring entrepreneurs, women in Technology with an international focus together on a platform, to curb the challenges being faced by business and enhance their knowledge, competencies, competitiveness and create successful alliances.

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