Welcome to Women in Business Congress

Women in Business Congress organizes innovative congresses for Business Women in Technology & Innovation related to International Business. We focus on providing state-of-the-art Business Tools in order to share winning strategies, explore current business opportunities and provide the latest insights on future trends in the international business world.

Our objective is to promote the importance of women in businesses, promote success and remove all known boundaries and limitations for women in the business world by developing and implementing new and innovative business strategies. Our target group are modern business women with an international perspective and a global orientation. Women in Business Congress is dedicated to assist our target group to grow their businesses on a global scale. This will be achieved by implementing our 8 Congress Pillars which represent the foundation of our innovative Congress structure.

The 2 days Congress will be focusing on 8 pillars which are each at the heart of businesses. The success of enterprises in the 21st century relies on Technology, Innovation, Business Solutions, International Business, New Project Introduction, Leadership & Empowerment, Diversity and Networking.

Business Women are the fastest growing segment of our economy in the years to come and we are taking the start-up tech and innovation scene by storm, while at the same time impacting the global economy by starting and leading new successful tech companies. Women are creating apps that will revolutionize the social game, they are inventing tools to internationalize your businesses and they are producing numerous jobs in the SME sector with their unique approach to business.


Women in Business Congress brings together thousands of business women with the common objective to explore how technology, best practices, emerging trends and proven methods can provide them with new tools and information to grow their businesses.

We are pleased to welcome international Business Women with an international perspective interested in changing the global business world.

Attendees are:
- Business Women
- Corporate Women
- Women Entrepreneurs
- C-level Managers
- CEO's
- Industry Leaders
- Women Led Companies
- Women Owned Businesses


Our Congresses are based on firsthand, professional experience and knowledge. We share data and information about what it takes to be successful in today´s business world, how to network efficiently and how to grow your startup and internationalize your project and business.

Our Congress represents a highly influential, powerful event that will equip our attendees with strategies and methodologies to do business more effectively, save time, invest smart and make a far greater impact in today´s challenging business landscape.

Reasons to attend:
- World renowned speakers and top rated workshop sessions
- Connect with like-minded business women via an innovative Business Match App
- Get connected with Business Angels, VC´s, Incubators and Accelerators
- Learn how to implement new ideas & innovative solutions to evolve businesses
- Hear how to turn small businesses into big businesses
- Hear about experiences of real lessons learned and success stories
- Exhibitors showcasing Innovative tools, products & services to grow businesses


2019 Edition in Gothenburg, Sweden

Expressive, sustainable and growing Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden has considerable appeal for business and innovation alike. Some of the country’s finest talent comes from the business schools and universities of this cosmopolitan Swedish port. Gothenburg is also the home of leading Swedish industry icons like Volvo and Ericsson. Moreover, the strong economic development of the city has increased the number of successful businesses advancing the future growth potential in the entire Gothenburg Business Region.