2019 Edition Women in Business Congress

2 Day Congress

The 2 Day Congress program is divided into 8 different topics that will cover topics such as “How women are impacting the global economy and the Technology & Innovation world” with their unique expertise and businesses.

Another important aspect is the internationalization of businesses and how to take your business to another level by creating and finding new opportunities. Therefore our Trade Mission and Business Development programs and sessions will be focusing on “Business Development Tools, Products and Services to grow and Expand Businesses”.

Our Keynote Speakers focus on Business Empowerment, Leadership and Management styles in order to highlight how international businesses a higher number of female executives have higher profits on a global scale.

Congress Experience

Women in Business Congress is about experiencing the unexpected. The Congress is divided into several areas and includes various activities, thereby creating an interconnected and innovative Congress experience.

The 2019 Congress experience will be structured in 7 main areas. We will also present an Auditorium where National & International Keynote Speakers will discuss relevant “Business” topics. Furthermore, we will also have a Presentation, Sessions and Workshops area, Networking Squares and a Business Village.

Our Trade Mission Hub, the Startup Village and our Exhibition space provide Entrepreneurs and Exhibitors the opportunity to present their products, services and/or business solutions on our Exhibition Floor.

Complementary Events

Throughout the Congress there will be a Networking Square that is designed for our attendees to network and communicate throughout the entire event. In parallel, we will also host several other networking events throughout the day.

Other complementary events will take place during the Congress, including a Welcome Reception and a Cocktail Networking for our Speakers, Exhibitors, Partners & Sponsors and Government Representatives.

Furthermore, there will be a Women in Business Gala Dinner during the dinner, the winners of the Women in Business Awards Program will be announced.

Business Match Application

Our Business Match Application gives our attendees the opportunity to view and generate information about the speakers and sessions, connect & plan meetings before, during and after the Women in Business Congress.

Furthermore, it monitors all innovative-business relationships that emerge at the Congress and facilitates an interactive networking experience between our attendees and develops New Business Opportunities in collaboration with our Partners.

Interacting & Connecting

Learning from the experience of successful leaders can help women entrepreneurs not only to avoid critical mistakes, but also to make qualified decisions to help grow their business.

During the congress there are several networking opportunities to connect our attendees with one-another, explore new strategies, discuss relevant topics and possibilities for future collaboration in a relaxed and professional environment.

Meet our Partners

In addition to the Women in Business Congress program, various one-on-one sessions and round tables will be organized for our attendees, in order to give them the opportunity to meet with our partners for general advice and specific support.
Our idea is to contribute to positive change and transform the way women do business, therefore we partner with various successful organizations around the world.

Trends, Tools & Strategies

The Congress provides our attendees with important industry data, promotes the introduction of new business tools and business sector information such as upcoming trends, emerging markets news and gives an outlook on the future of Women in Technology & Innovation.
Our intention is to enable our audience to acquire essential and useful Trends & Tools ready to be implemented in their business operations. We focus also on delivering strategic sessions on related topics providing solutions on how to apply winning strategies to transform, elevate businesses and be more profitable.

Women Empowerment

The Women Empowerment sessions offer detailed insights and new visions on how to encourage women in Technology & Innovation and how to improve diversity and equality in these business sectors in a common and organized effort of creating more awareness on an international level.
The goal of our Women Empowerment initiative is to highlight the importance of a female footprint and women leadership in the business world and how women-led and women-owned companies are transforming the global economy in a positive way.

Trade Mission Hub

In our ongoing commitment to our attendees, the Congress introduces a Trade Mission Hub, assisting our attendees to grow their businesses internationally. The program is designed to match objectives with business opportunities and includes representatives from 16 countries and a represents diverse industry sectors.
Our Trade Mission Hub is a prominent cross-industry collaborative effort that provides another opportunity to experience new markets, connect with key contacts, sign collaborative deals or find valuable information to develop a global strategy.

Promote Your Business

At the Congress there are several possibilities to get exposure for your business, product or service. The Business Wall is an innovative and dynamic display that offers our attendees and companies the opportunity to promote their business, products and services on large screens. In addition, your Elevator Pitch or Business Pitch can be recorded and uploaded to the Business Wall.

On our Crowdfunding screens, investors can view your own fund raising campaign, you can see other fund raising concepts and also become empowered by other business women´s crowdfunding successes.

Our Virtual attendees are also able to see and experience these promotional occasions.

Connecting Young Talent to Companies

The focus on recruiting female employees continues to grow therefore companies are looking to hire more women in technology and innovation. For the duration of two days the Women in Business Program will create a platform in order for these companies to find and connect with the perfect candidate.

The program will focus on introducing Young Talent to potential companies that are presenting their company to a large group of young women entering Technology and Innovation.

Startup Village & Business Village

In the Startup Village our entrepreneurs will have the chance to present their project to VCs, Business Angels and Investors. We will put strong emphasis on connecting our entrepreneurs to the right investment partners. Furthermore there are multiple incubator and accelerator programs available at the Startup Village that will help new startups succeed.

The Business Village offers a quiet and relaxing space to discuss and finalize terms of a new partnership or new business deal and it includes a number of private meeting rooms, comfortable lounge seating, laptops, Wi-Fi networks, printers, as well as catering facilities. The meeting room facilities can be reserved by all of our Congress attendees. The reservation of our Business Village area is free of charge and this new format serves us to improve communication between our attendees and develop onsite business deals.

Benefits of Participation

Industry Trends Issues
Tech Innovations
Specific Companies Products
Connect with other Business Women
Create and/or strengthen business relationships
New Alliance incl. project

● The Congress provides the latest insights on Future Trends in the international business world, Winning Strategies and Latest Opportunities.
● The Congress is designed to promote the importance of Technology & Innovation for Business Women.
● The Congress is designed for modern Business Women with an Global Objective, who want to grow their business by connecting with like-minded partners.
● The Congress includes face to face meetings, networking sessions and workshops facilitated by experienced business leaders.
● The Congress connects Young Talent throughout the 2 days with enterprises, who are looking to recruit.
● The Congress Trade Mission opportunities will focus on expanding business into all 16 countries participating at the Congress.
● The Congress advice and support on “Doing Business” in these 16 countries by individual country experts, incl. in-market support through in-market trade advisers.
● The Congress provides support and advice for new Startup's in order to grow their businesses.

Awards Program

The first annual Women in Business Technology & Innovation Awards is a new global Business Award that aims to honor leading international Female Tech Entrepreneurs and Startups. Our Awards provide global recognition to Female Entrepreneurs, whose successful businesses and achievements contribute to the local and global economy. Women in Business Technology & Innovation Awards is the first global Awards that covers 16 countries in one Awards Program.

The 2018 Women in Business Awards nominees are women entrepreneurs with companies creating Business Development Tools, Products & Services

Technology has changed the business environment on a global scale with the result that we have an enhanced competition, as well as new emerging opportunities and new threats and/or risks. This is why the Mission and Strategy of Women in Business Congress is to bring women in technology with an international focus together on one platform, in order to find answers to the challenges being faced by women businesses and enhance their business knowledge, explore new capabilities, drive effectiveness and create new strong alliances.