Women in Business Congress organizes innovative and comprehensive B2B events where entrepreneurs, startups and investors meet to conduct and grow their businesses.  Our events provide solutions and tools that focus on connecting business women throughout Technology and Innovation to do Business on a global scale. With our solutions and tools we cater to a global audience of “Like-Minded” Business Women in an effort to build a synergistic global “Business” Network & Community.

Focusing on the future of modern business women, our events are a must attend gathering for business and corporate women with an international view who are interested in defining the international business world. A gathering where we will present the latest business insights and shine a light on women’s empowerment initiatives.

With Women in Business Congress we want to make a difference in today´s business world, by fundamentally transforming the way Women Do Business, by continue creating a powerful and global stage where business women can conduct international business. Therefore, within our series of events we organize congresses, seminars and roundtables target at business women who are interested in internationalization of their business and/or services.


The ideal way to grow SME´s is to expand into foreign and new markets to explore new opportunities that leads to sales increase and market share acquisition. For that reason, our events functions as a business channel for women-owned SME´s with an international focus.


1.   Technology
2.   Innovation
3.   Business Solutions
4.   International Business
5.   Leadership
6.   Empowerment
7.   Diversity
8.   Networking

Women in Business Congress wants to transform the way women do business throughout our 8 pillars strategy, where we are able to communicate important strategies and provide relevant information to grow businesses.


Our congress is a unique 3 day event targeted at business women from around the world. The Congress informs about Future Trends, Latest Opportunities, Winning Strategies to provide relevant information to grow businesses.

With a line-up of Industry Influencers and powerful speakers to inform and motivate our international attendees and help them advance in their businesses.



Our seminar is designed to provide a selected group of sole business women with a Leadership session that delivers sophisticated business and leadership concepts.

That have immediate and practical application for the today’s women business leaders, allowing them to improve their leadership capabilities and advance their career.


Each of our roundtables gatherings brings together a great group of 25 leading women business that are dedicated to grow their business to the next level.

These roundtables events provide the unique opportunity to get to know other top-level executives and share ideas and best practices on critical business issues and build scalable & sustainable companies that will withstand diverse market conditions.

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Our Trade Mission Hub is designed to promote women doing business in international trade by providing networking opportunities, export education and also global business contacts.

Our trade missions are intended to help women entrepreneurs achieve success in international markets. Therefore international companies and institution will provide female entrepreneurs with the key insight, intelligence & market entry vehicles to successfully globalize.

The congress experience consists of motivational speakers and industry influencers that will inform on the latest business topics. Services and solutions from around the world will be featured in the exhibition area, pavilions, business and startup village. 

These areas provide our attendees with the opportunity to explore and experience the latest cutting-edge technologies, products and innovation that will fuse our program into one magnetic, interactive brand experience that will make a lasting impact.




Countless opportunities to meet with highly qualified peers to validate strategies, expand your contacts realize business deals on-site. An occasion to exchange ideas with more peers and build lasting relationships with people who can continuously offer insight into relevant topics.

Our congress is a place to connect with more international pro-fessionals to meet and exchange thoughts with like-minded professionals who are leaders in their industries. 


Discover the latest Tools & Solutions to help solve greatest business challenges. The best techniques for managing your organization’s info from the world’s top experts. Whether you’re taking part in a round-table discussion or joining a speaker session, there are always new things you can learn.

Our exhibitors are industry experts and solution-providers who have a finger on the pulse of what is happening in our industry – and they have answers to your questions.


Our speakers will inspire and motivate and the Industry leaders will share insight, experience and secrets of their success.

You will get a solid understanding in tried-and-true fundamentals and unique insight into the innovative new practices that will change the way we do business.


Our business community is a Global Hub that provides a unique access points to the global markets.

And it creates a podium where sharing ideas and experiences with other participants will help bring these to light and help you discover new creative ideas.

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